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KC Mobile

Benefits of the KC Starter Pack:

  • Be a special member of the Amakhosi family
  • Get direct communication from your Team
  • Access to news and unique Club content
  • Access to take part in competitions
  • Downloads
  • Special Messages from the Chairman, Players and Club Officials

Where do I get it?:

Our prepaid customers/fans/supporters on other networks can port (move) to our Kaizer Chiefs Mobile platform and keep their numbers!

Any other network (Cell C, MTN, Telkom Mobile, Virgin Mobile) to Vodacom Kaizer Chiefs Mobile (PORTING):

Porting using SMS
  • Get a Kaizer Chiefs Starterpack.
  • RICA the Kaizer Chiefs Starterpack.
  • Go to any Retail (RICA) outlet or visit Vodacom RICA agent with ID book or certified ID copy and proof of residence (If renting or living with parents/guardian you will be required to produce a residence confirmation letter from parents/guardian/landlord - Remember to take the new Kaizer Chiefs Starterpack with you)
  • Using your old (current) SIM card send SMS to 0827678287 that says: PORTME (space)new Kaizer Chiefs SIM card number found at the back of the starterpack (Also printed on the SIM- it is a 20 digit number) e.g. PORTME 8929800000000XXXXXXX
  • Make sure your old (Current SIM) has at least R2 balance and try not to recharge much until the porting process has been completed as the airtime will not be carried over into the Vodacom Kaizer Chiefs platform.
  • You will receive the following SMS reply on your current SIM:
    • Your port request DATE XXXVODASPXXXXXXXXXXX has been submitted. We are currently waiting for a response from your current network.
    • Your request to port your number to Vodacom has been approved. Note your airtime will not be carried over during the porting process.
    • Your cellphone number will be moved to the Vodacom Network on day/Month/Year
  • Insert the Kaizer Chiefs starterpack and dial 100 and follow voice prompts.

You are now on the Kaizer Chiefs Mobile with your old number! Remember Kaizer Chiefs Mobile is powered by Vodacom and therefore, while your number is the same, you will now use Vodacom airtime and Vodacom service centre numbers for any customer services.

Connect 4 Life!

Starter Pack Questions and Answers
What is Kaizer Chiefs Mobile? Kaizer Chiefs Mobile is a new Kaizer Chiefs business venture based on our strategic relationship with Vodacom. It will harness Vodacom’s mobile expertise and the passion of Kaizer Chiefs fans. It will bring great value and experiences to KC Fans and will be a platform that will give fans access to the world of Kaizer Chiefs supported by Vodacom products and exclusive digital content and promotions (differentiators)
Who are the shareholders in Kaizer Chiefs Mobile? It’s a subsidiary in the Kaizer Chiefs Group
What is the product offering? A Vodacom Kaizer Chiefs starterpack that offers all Vodacom's worry free prepaid solutions and exclusive in depth club related content, experiences, products and services to engage Kaizer Chiefs fans. Kaizer Chiefs Mobile will later introduce postpaid telephony solutions.
Where can one get the product (Starterpacks)? Vodacom Kaizer Chiefs starterpack will initially be available at all GloCell outlets nationwide and Kaizer Chiefs Village in Naturena Johannesburg. In time the starterpacks will also be available at other retail outlets as well as Kaizer Chiefs selected outlets.
What is the retail value of the Kaizer Chiefs Starterpack? The Starterpack will retail at R0,49 it comes with an exclusive Kaizer Chiefs booklet ; there will also be promotional starterpacks that Kaizer Chiefs will make available. At certain of its events
Is the product offering from Kaizer Chiefs Mobile only with Vodacom? The product offering is only with Vodacom.
What can the fans/supporters/ consumers expect? The fans/supporters/consumers can expect a Vodacom Kaizer Chiefs starterpack that offers all Vodacom's worry free prepaid solutions and exclusive digital content and promotions (differentiators) from their favourite team. The digital content on offer will not be available on any other platforms and the promotions will include special prizes that may not be available through other promotions. The starterpack will also be the primary communication platform between the team and the fans/supporters/consumers. All Kaizer Chiefs starterpack come with special edition booklet that can be kept as a keepsake.
How do the fans/supporters/consumers get connected? The fans/supporters/consumers are simply requested to get the new Kaizer Chiefs starterpack to get connected.
Where do the fans/supporters/consumers go for customer service? The fans/supporters/consumers can call the Vodacom Call Centres or walk into any Vodacom Customer Service Centres for customer service.
What if the fan/supporter/consumer is already on Vodacom prepaid platform? For the fan who is already on the Vodacom platform, the opt- in services for exclusive content will be made available, however there may be certain services such as direct communication from Kaizer Chiefs and other content that may not be available.
What if the fan/supporter/consumer is on other networks prepaid platform? For the fan who is on other networks platforms, it is encouraged that the fan get the Kaizer Chiefs Starterpack, however there will be opt- in services at a higher cost; other services such as direct communication from Kaizer Chiefs and other content that may not be available.
How is the Kaizer Chiefs Mobile different from ZOK mobile offering? Kaizer Chiefs Mobile is a Kaizer Chiefs business venture whereas ZOK mobile was not owned by Kaizer Chiefs but is a property owned by an independent dealer used for marketing purposes.
What does Kaizer Chiefs Mobile mean to Vodacom? Kaizer Chiefs Mobile is a win/win for all. Through Kaizer Chiefs Mobile Vodacom will be able to reach the Kaizer Chiefs community of passionate and loyal fans. KCM will also provide new channels for Vodacom to expose and showcase product propositions and targeted customer messaging around key passion points. KCM will increase loyalty and help Vodacom to grow a loyal customer base. The collaboration will bring exclusive content which will mean that fans will be engaged and this will be a win/win for all. Vodacom will have more loyal customers, with better Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Kaizer Chiefs will get closer to its fans and the fans will get great experiences and exclusive content.