Competition Rules – Player that #HasItAll


General conditions of entry:


  1. Please read these Competition Rules (“Rules”), along with our General Terms and Privacy Policy (“Policies”), before entering the Player that #HasItAll Voting Competition (“Competition/s”), as your entering and/or voting in any competition, or use of any website/social media platform hosting our Competition (“Website”), will constitute your automatic acceptance of the Rules and Policies, and some terminology or obligations may be explained in one or more of these.


2. Kaizer Chiefs Football Club and Toyota SA are the “Promoters” of this Competition, where all queries relating to the Competition can be relayed to it at [011 941 1465].


  1. Failure to adhere to these Rules or the Terms in any way could result in disqualification from the Competition and for the Promoter to re-award prizes if deemed
  2. The Competition and the functioning of the facilitating website are governed by the laws of South Africa only, where, should certain features of same laws not be specifically stated herein, they are nevertheless


Participant eligibility:


  1. All entrants and voters must be 18 years or older as of Friday 15th January 2021. If you are under the age of 18 (eighteen) or if you are not legally permitted to enter into a binding agreement, then you may use the Website and/or participate in the Competitions only with the involvement and supervision of your parent or legal guardian. If your parent or legal guardian supervises you and gives his/her consent, then such person agrees to be bound to the Terms and to be liable and responsible for you and all of your obligations under the Terms and our other


  1. This competition is only open to South African


Competition features:


  1. During the first or second week of every month, the Promoter posts a selection of 2 or 3 players maximum (on Facebook™, Twitter™ and Instagram™) chosen by the Kaizer Chiefs team as the Player That #HasItAll from the previous month, which selection will be made available on the official Kaizer Chiefs official Facebook™, Twitter™ and Instagram™ pages only.
  2. Every month, participants in the Competition then have their chance to select who they think deserves the “Player That #HasItAll”
  1. Fans/Participants in the Competition make their selection for their “Player That #HasItAll” by voting on the relevant Kaizer Chiefs social media platform for their chosen players by selecting their name in the poll to cast their Player That #HasItAll Participants may only vote once per account.
  2. Each month, one participant who has voted as required, will be randomly drawn by the Promoter as the winner for that month’s Competition and will win a replica signed kit (jersey) of the Kaizer Chiefs Player That #HasItAll. The random draws are verified by our regulated verification




  1. Voting in the Competition is free at all


  1. All costs for internet access to Facebook™, Twitter™ and Instagram™ is for the participant’s




  1. This Competition will run monthly from 15 January 2021 until 31 July


  1. Voting in the Competition is done via Facebook™, Twitter™ and Instagram™ and opens on the first or second week of the month starting from 15 January 2021 and closes a maximum of 72 (seventy-two) hours after starting. Once a poll has been closed on the Kaizer Chief’s various social media platforms, votes in that month’s competition can no longer be case in any way.
  2. Prize winners will be announced on the official Kaizer Chiefs Facebook™, Twitter™ and Instagram™ pages 1 week after each month’s competition has closed.




  1. A randomly selected winner for each month will win Kaizer Chiefs merchandise (where each month’s exact prize will be detailed along that month’s Competition details).
  2. Prizes will be made available to all finalised winners within [21 days] after the final closing date of each month’s vote. Prizewinners will be contacted directly by email and/or telephone call (using the information as provided by you to the Website, Kaizer Chief’s eligible social media platforms or the Promoter) to arrange for the delivery or collection of any prize, as the case may be. This communication might also include additional information to affect the prizewinner’s receipt of a prize from the


  1. All winner/s are required to verify their identity and age before receiving their

The poll lives on Twitter but is being shared on all other social media platforms.