Blow for SA’s World Cup hopes

Africa’s chances of hosting the 2010 World Cup recieved a setback on Thursday when Fifa general secretary Michel Zen Ruffinen confirmed that the plan to have the World Cup rotated had been put on hold.

It had been planned to have rotation agreed by the world governing

body’s executive committee here this week but the matter was not

even discussed.

Instead plans of how such a system would work will be explained to

the Fifa congress on Saturday.

Zen Ruffinen said there was no set time-table to when it would be


Earlier this year the executive committee agreed in Zurich that

rotation would begin in 2010 in Africa. It was confirmed on the

FIFA web site but 24 hours later Fifa president Sepp Blater said

the plan had still to be agreed – causing confusion.

The latest delay suggests that there is growing concern over how

rotation would work.