‘Love and Peace’

‘Love and Peace’. What does it really mean? Is it just another slogan? Or are they simply words that are associated with Kaizer Chiefs?

“Love and Peace” is a lot more than a three-word phrase. It represents the whole psyche of what we, as South Africans should stand by. They also represent what we as a club, want to convey to all with whom we come in contact.

With the high level of crime that is currently pervading our communities, this slogan is now more pertinent than ever.

“Love and Peace” is not just what we at Chiefs stand for and have stood for, for the past 31 years, but a philosophy that should now apply to the country as a whole.

In the dark days of Apartheid, we stood for Love and Peace, something, which played a role in causing the downfall of that ideology and the democratic freeing of our nation.

Now once again this message must be shouted loud and clear to all those who threaten to undermine our communities with violence, racism and crime. The message of Kaizer Chiefs must go out to the people, listened to and taken to heart.

Our ability to convey our philosophy to our supporters and public at large is done through our marketing team lead by Brand Manager Emy Casaletti-Page. In March, Emy chaired a Bosberaad (meeting) of great importance at the Protea Wanderers Hotel.

The meeting brought together the major role players whose job it is to market the club and the Kaizer Chiefs brand. Everybody from Emy’s marketing team, to sponsorship advisors, strategy consultants and publishing division were present.

They all gained a useful insight into the philosophy, which governs the running of Kaizer Chiefs and how that philosophy is filtered through its brand awareness programmes.

With everyone’s input, a strategy was laid out which will enable Chiefs to maintain its “status quo” as South Africa’s biggest supported team and ensure that the club continues on its present path of becoming a house hold name in Africa and globally.

You, the Kaizer Chiefs supporter, are an integral part of Chiefs evolution towards becoming a major powerhouse in world football. I hope you enjoy the magazine.

Kaizer Motaung

Managing Director

Kaizer Chiefs