A moment in time with supporters

We welcomed some of our Amakhosi supporters in the spirit of love and peace on Friday at the Village. This is because we know that you as supporters  passionately love and support the Club.

We approved the action and march knowing our supporters mean well, they want to be heard and are committed to the success of the Kaizer Chiefs, as we all are.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has made it difficult for us to meet with many of the Club supporters as we have in the past. Supporters as we know are not able to attend games at the stadium, or are not  able to engage face to face at other platform like roadshows and the events like we have in the past.

On Friday, the Club’s Marketing Director Jessica Motaung received the memorandum. She was not alone and was accompanied by other members of management, including Kemiso Motaung, Kaizer Motaung Jnr, Vina Maphosa, Cecil Motaung, Tracy Williams and others.

We noted the concerns that have been raised in the memorandum and through interaction with those who were in attendance. We also note concerns raised by other supporters through our branches, through the numerous letters and messages that we have received, through the daily phone calls and on all our media platforms and media in general. We will continue to listen and encourage you all to share constructively and through the channels the Club provides.

Jessica said during the event: “I am not here to make promises, but what I can commit to ensuring that the issues that have been raised are shared internally with Chairman and relevant stakeholders and that they are attended to.

“It is important for you to all  know that we all stand here today with a common interest and that is ensuring we do what is best for Kaizer Chiefs,  do what is honestly best for the Amakhosi Family.

“For me today is not about a struggle , a fight or even a protest. No, not at all.

“Yes, the last few years have certainly not been easy for all of us. In fact, they have not been our best. There are many issues raised that resonate for all of us and the many issues raised over the years resonate for many of us

“What we know for sure is that when we all committed to being AMAKHOSI 4 LIFE! We did it knowing that we would face good and bad times, victories and losses.  We make some mistakes along the way, but we would overcome, achieve and unite for the better and for our greatness.

“Yes, change is needed and it is a process. It is important to understand that in the midst of change or transition nothing of permanent value is instant.  Also any actions taken in fear and anger will not serve us. It is only united in our common goal and action that we will achieve what we all desire for Kaizer Chiefs.

“I trust that we will be courageous to hold hands and unite to birth a renewed Kaizer Chiefs of the future.

“Our historical journey in the CAF Champions League this season and the match against Simba allows us to do that. We have done exceptionally well on the continent so far and the game tomorrow (Saturday, 15 May) is a testament of the willingness to succeed in the midst of challenges.

“We call on all our supporters to stand behind the team and to acknowledge this  milestone.

“Let’s continue to show loyalty, unity and stand together in solidarity through thick and thin and Amakhosi.

“Today, I would to request you who are here, those who are listening or watching to raise your hand in the spirit of love and peace and affirm AMAKHOSI 4 LIFE!,” she concluded.

The Club signed two copies of the memorandum and handed a copy back to the supporters. The management will sit and respond to the memorandum in due course.

Love & Peace! And God Bless us all!