Sebokeng Central Branch

Formed in 2014, Sebokeng Central branch caters for the Amakhosi supporters in the Sebokeng township area that includes Zone 10, zone 10 extension 1, extension 2, extension 3, Zone 11, zone 11 extension, Zone 12, zone 12 extension and informal settlement of Boiketlong. They fall under the Sedibeng region located to the south of Gauteng, which is made up of over twenty branches.

The passion and love Sebokeng Central branch members has for Kaizer Chiefs is the fuel that has allowed them to rise above all the challenges of establishing a new branch within an existing infrastructure.  Today they are proud to be part of the region and province.

“Supporting our team at stadium, attending meeting and supporting our members in times of celebration and loss is what binds our branch together as a family” commented the Teboho Ramabodu, the Chairperson of the branch.  Guided by good leadership principles, Teboho makes sure that the branch stays connected, and to this end they have an active WhatsApp group.  He knows that he is only as strong as his leadership team and is pleased to report that the branch has elected dedicated and passionate people in the executive roles – they are the real driving force behind their success.  Before lockdown, Sebokeng Central branch held monthly meetings on the second Sunday of every month.  When it is safe to meet once again, these regular meetings and social events will be reinstated.

They have a highly functioning branch with a clear focus on both recruiting young members and looking after our veterans. A branch needs to be a home from home for every family member.

Gender equality is an important issue which is reflective in the composition of the executive and participation of members.

Sebokeng Central are ‘life timers’ as their love for the team does not ebb and flow based on how the team is doing on the field of play.  They are proud of their colours and remain positive about the Club, management, and players. Glory days and happiness are beckoning, and Sebokeng Central wants to encourage all supporters to live Love & Peace because winning is in our DNA.  They also want supporters to know that winning does not only equate to lifting the trophy – it is a mindset and way of life.  It is about doing better and working harder, learning lessons and striving for victory.

“Who could have predicted 2020 and the pandemic that has brought us to a standstill?   Unfortunately, the abuse of women and children is continuing unabated. Our message to women is to remain strong and be brave enough to report abuse and to follow through with charges.  We love our grannies, our mothers, and our sisters because without them we are nothing. When it’s cold, they make our homes warm, they love and care for our family and they are warriors – mmangwana o tshwara thipa ka bohaneng (women fight for their families and defend for their loved ones). “

“Covid-19 has put our season plans on hold.  It has made us think in new and different ways.  It has forced us to adopt technology and to change the way we approach our daily lives.  Yet we acknowledge that our people are experiencing hardships, hunger, poverty, and many people have lost their jobs.  We will get through this together and be stronger for it.  It makes belong to a branch more important now than ever before because we stand together.”  Sebokeng Central identified that most vulnerable in their community are the veterans.  So, to help them stay at home and to be safe they have arranged for the delivery of food parcels to these stalwarts of the branch.

This branch has made it very clear that they are looking forward to the next two games with great expectation – this has been a season we will never forget!

A big thank you must go to this branch for supporting the Branch USSD campaign as this was one of the top preforming branches.

We look forward to greet you in the name of Kaizer Chiefs in the near future.