Bruce Bvuma

Nickname: Garfield Date of Birth: 1995-05-15 Country of Birth: South Africa Birth Place: Leratong ...

Name: Bruce Bvuma                       

Nickname: Garfield                                   

Date of Birth: 1995-05-15                          

Country of Birth: South Africa       

Birth Place: Leratong                                                                      

Playing Position: Goalkeeper       

Clubs: Braamfischer Super Spurs and Wits Juniors                                                   

 Marital Status: Single                     

Favourite Film: Garfield and Odie                                                 

Favourite Music: Local hip-hop/ Gospel                     

Favourite food: Pap ad beef stew                                 

Favourite TV series: TNL         

Favourite celebrity crush: Pearl Modiadia

Car: POLO 6 (GTI)                                                             

All-time favourite soccer player: Lionel Messi

Who inspires you?: Rory Minaar        

Inspiring quote: Work in silence and let your success speak for you                            

Jersey number: 16