Given Thibedi

Nickname: Chakalaka Date of Birth: 1997-09-16 Birth Place: Witbank, RSA Playing Position: Midfielder ...

Name: Given Thibedi                                                         

Nickname: Chakalaka                               

Date of Birth: 1997-09-16                                  

Birth Place: Witbank, RSA                                           

Playing Position: Midfielder      

Clubs: Liverpool FL                                             

Marital Status: Single                     

Favourite Film: N/A                          

Favourite Music: SA HHP                                      

Favourite food: Umhluzu                                 

Favourite TV series: Isibaya  

Favourite celebrity crush: Pearl Modiadia

Car: BMW 325                                                                  

All-time favourite soccer player: Teko Modise

Who inspires you? Percy Tau            

Inspiring quote: No pain, No gain                                  

Jersey number: 4