Mcoy Sithole

Nickname: Shadow Date of Birth: 1996-10-20 Birth Place: Pimville, RSA Playing Position: Midfielder ...

Name: Mcoy Sithole                       

Nickname: Shadow                                   

Date of Birth: 1996-10-20                               

Birth Place: Pimville, RSA                                               

Playing Position: Midfielder       

Clubs: Pimville Cameroon                                             

Marital Status: Single

Favourite Film: Undisputed                          

Favourite Music: Gospel                   

Favourite food: Bread and Eggs                    

Favourite TV series: Power

Favourite celebrity crush: Meagan Good

Car: Polo 7 GTI                                                                  

All-time favourite soccer player: Paul Scholes

Who inspires you?: My coach             

Inspiring quote: “Champions believe in themselves even when no one does”                        

Jersey number: