Monono Khopotse

Nickname SMS Date of Birth 1994/01/25 Country of Birth RSA Birth Place ...

Name: Monono Khopotse                            

Nickname: SMS       

Date of Birth: 1994/01/25

Country of Birth: RSA

Birth Place: Johannesburg                                 

Playing Position: Right Back

Clubs: Shefield United; Isibiso FC

Marital Status: Single                                       

Favourite Film: Karate Kid            

Favourite Music: House, RNB, Hip Hop

Favourite food: Pasta

Favourite TV series: Ballers

Favourite celebrity crush: Boity

Car: GTI

All-time favourite soccer player: Dani Alves

Who inspires you? Myself

Inspiring quote: God didn’t bring to life to be poor, He gave me everything I need

Jersey number: 11

Insta: khopotse11