Mpho Khumalo

Nickname: Jomo Date of Birth: 1996-08-30 Country of Birth: South Africa Birth Place: Pimville Soweto ...

Name: Mpho Khumalo                                                      

Nickname: Jomo                                         

Date of Birth: 1996-08-30                          

Country of Birth: South Africa       

Birth Place: Pimville Soweto                                                                    

Playing Position: Attacking Midfielder     

Clubs: Pimville Westham                             

Marital Status: Single                     

Favourite Film: Titanic                                      

Favourite Music: House and Hip Hop                            

Favourite food: Pap & stew                            

Favourite TV series: SS4/3    

Favourite celebrity crush: N/A

Car: N/A                                                              

All-time favourite soccer player: Siphiwe Shabalala

Who inspires you?: Coach Arthur     

Inspiring quote: God is good all the time                                   

Jersey number: 25