Yusuf Bunting

Name: Yusuf Bunting Nickname: Bunting Date of Birth: 15/2/1996

Name:  Yusuf Bunting

Nickname:  Bunting

Date of Birth: 15/2/1996

Country of Birth: South Africa

Birth Place: Potchefstroom

Height:  1,75

Playing Position : Striker

Clubs: Balfour Park, Lesco Sports Club, Kaizer Chiefs Juniors


Marital Status: Single

Favourite Film: Fast and Furious

Favourite Music:  All music

Favourite Food: Pasta

Favourite TV series: Ballers

Favourite celebrity crush:  Mila Kunis

Car: BMW


All-time favourite soccer player: Lionel Messi

Who inspires you?: Ronaldo, Messi & Fernando Torres

Inspiring quote: Strive to be the best


Jersey number: 39

Facebook: Yusuf-Bunting

Twitter: @Bunting9

Instagram: @bunting_9