Say no to fong kong

Say NO to Fong Kong!

Kaizer Chiefs has a registered the trade mark rights of their logo and the use of any part thereof including the name and associated terms. The ® symbol on the Kaizer Chiefs logo is an indication that there is a trade mark and therefore the use of any part of the logo may lead to civil sanctions and damage claims as it is deemed to be infringing on the rights of the brand. The owner of a registered mark can claim monetary damages from any infringer where the marking has been used without obtaining permission from the owner of the mark.

To be clear, any items that are produced using the any part of the logo without the Club’s direct permission are therefore considered counterfeit or ‘Fong Kong’.

Pirated products are describes the Department of Trade and Industry as a “crime scourge” because it costs the South Africa’s economy billions of Rands in lost revenue annually. This also has a direct impact on the Club who relies on the revenue earned from the purchase of legal products to build a stronger and better club.

Counterfeit goods deprive honest workers of jobs and a sustainable income across the entire supply chain. For ever Fong Kong product purchased there are consequential job losses from factory workers to warehouse assistants and from truck drivers, all the way to retail sales agents.

Only criminals stand to get rich!

Manufacturing, selling or buying these goods is not only illegal – it literally takes the food out of the mouths of honest hardworking people.

In short, Fong Kong perpetuates poverty.

Illegal goods are often manufactured outside of SA and smuggled into the country so buying these goods you are not just saving a few Rands, you are effectively supporting a worldwide franchise of criminal activity.

We urge all true Kaizer Chiefs supporters to unite behind efforts to fight piracy and illegal imports in order to prevent job losses, stimulate job creation, fuel economic growth and ultimately build a bigger and better Club.

if you happen to come across any merchandise that is Fong Kong call this number to report, 011 941 1456