Stadium Behaviour

Here are some tips for a great stadium experience

• Buy a parking ticket at Computicket – the illegal parking attendants cost more than the legal parking which are much safer too, giving you peace of mind that your car is safe

• Don’t leave your valuables in your car – lock them in your boot – out of sight, out of mind!

• Double check your car is locked, this way you ensure your signal has not been jammed

• Make sure you buy your ticket before coming to the stadium …

o FNB stadium only has a limited number of tickets for sale for smaller games but please note that tickets are not sold for Derbies or Sundown’s games.

• Don’t buy tickets from a ticket tout (people selling fake tickets outside the stadium) – this is supporting crime

• Don’t buy fong kong – rather buy from the accredited sellers inside the stadium who sell authentic KC apparel and goods

• Please don’t bring any food to the stadium – you are able to buy all types of food and drinks inside the stadium. All stadiums now cater for diabetics, please just ask which kiosks sell suitable food

• We have a habit of getting to the stadium just before kick-off – we urge supporters to come to the stadium early as this will help relieve the bottle neck effect at the gates just before kick-off

• Branches – fly your flag with pride but appoint someone to look after it and remember to collect your flag after the game

• Please look after your children at all times. As a special service for our families who come to the stadium we have arranged to have armbands at the retail stall in the stadium. You can write your name and cell phone number on them and attach them around your children’s wrist. This way if your child gets lost we will be able to find you quickly.

• Drink with moderation – alcohol impairs rational behaviour – your bad behaviour impacts on the stadium experience for other supporters

• Respect supporters from other teams

• Don’t taunt or tease other supporters and if they taunt you – turn the other cheek!

• Please don’t fight – this is simply not acceptable and gives Kaizer Chiefs a bad name

• Do not stand on the railing – you put yourself in danger

• Don’t block stairways and aisles – these need to be clear in case of an emergency

• Do not invade the field – this is a criminal offence and you will be arrested – you could even get up to six months jail time

• Remember we are one big Family and we live by the code of Love & Peace – break the code and there will be consequences!

Illegal sale of complimentary tickets

It has come to our attention that there are certain individuals at the stadium who are selling complementary tickets for R30. The value on the ticket clearly indicates R0.00. These people will also inform you that they are from Kaizer Chiefs Head Office.

They are not!

Free tickets are exactly that – free tickets!

These tickets are being sold illegally.

We ask all supporters to inform Head Office of this practice and if possible, please take a photograph of the back of the ticket and the person. Send the photograph to

We appreciate your co-operation in this matter!