Amakhosi’s masks have arrived…

Kaizer Chiefs have launched cool and authentic facemasks for the supporters following thousands of calls for the club to produce these.

The facemasks come in three different exciting designs and sizes for adults. There will also be masks for kiddies in a fortnight’s time. Supporters can purchase their adult masks now online via It is an easy and secure way of shopping for everyone. The mask and other products are delivered all over the country and internationally.

Three different mask designs are known as the Golden Glamour mask, Grey Force mask and Khuluma Khosi. Apart from the colours, each mask is designed uniquely with different features.

The Golden Glamour mask will make sure you look good with your facial protection on. It is designed with our favourite Amakhosi colours, Gold & Black! The mask can be worn to the office or out shopping. Most importantly, it has come with a 3-layer protection, adjustable ear straps for your comfort and a tightly woven polyester triple layer.

The second mask is known as the Grey Force. It is a dark grey face mask in colour and all the features of a top protective facial gear are available. You can go formal with this or go sports lifestyle with your Nike gear to compliment the look. You can go grey and add some colour to your look by getting your favourite t-shirt to finish off the look. It also has 3-layer protection, adjustable ear straps for your comfort and tightly woven polyester triple layer. It is accompanied with a filter – additional filters can be purchased in packs of 5, please check the KC DigiStore for availability.

Third in our range is the Khuluma Khosi (KK). This is a mask for all of us who love our traditional Amakhosi colours. This uniquely designed Gold & Black mask is edgy and will make sure you stand out in the crowd. Khumula Khosi (speak) and be heard, we want to see you wearing your authentic gear, be responsible and cover up in true Amakhosi style. Talk Technology allows your voice to be clear and audible. Just like the other two designs, it is a 3-layer protective mask, has adjustable ear straps for your comfort and tightly woven polyester triple layer.

Prices vary according to the design. They are available at

“There was a huge outcry and demand for authentic Kaizer Chiefs branded masks and we have had to respond,” says Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director Jessica Motaung. “We took a bit of time to identify the appropriate mask and design because we believe in producing high quality and standard for our supporters.”

In their quest to try and reduce the spread of the virus, the National Department of Health has recommended that everyone in South Africa should wear a facemask when in public.

“These are some of the specifications that we looked at in helping produce the masks,” adds Motaung. “We truly believe that we have produced the right product for our supporters and the public to be safe. After looking at the different people, we are proud to have worked with a female entrepreneur to design the mask and are happy with the final product. We hope Amakhosi will enjoy wearing the masks while protecting ourselves and others from the spread of Covid-19.”

We encourage supporters to own at least two cloth masks per person, so they are able to wash one and have a clean one ready for use. We also believe the product is a great gift for family members and friends.

Kaizer Chiefs will soon indicate other platforms where the mask can be purchased through our network of approved vendors.