Chiefs are my number one priority

There has been an outcry following the decision of the Board of Governors regarding who will represent the PSL on the Safa Executive Committee for the new term of office. I suppose it is perhaps right that I should explain my position.

It was the democratic right of the board members to appoint whoever they wished. I have no qualms about that and I support the principle. I believe that I’ve served football all my life, first as a player, secondly as a coach and now as an administrator with distinction.

However, within the BoG, it is a fact that there are cliques.

In some instances the issues are being dealt with without any form of rationality. It merely becomes an issue of supporting a particular group. You either belong to a clique or you are a neutral person or you hold a different view altogether.

As much as it might sound like sour grapes I feel quite relieved at not having to shoulder much of the blame as a member of the Safa executive, often over matters that I have no control, whenever anything is perceived to be wrong. I therefore have no regrets.

History will bear testimony to my contribution to South African

football over the years and I will continue to do so in the future.

Hopefully the space created for me now will allow me to focus more on

Kaizer Chiefs and its future development.

It is with great pleasure to welcome on board SuperSport, our new

partners to help us further develop the Kaizer Chiefs brand through our website –

In our country, where the majority of our people don’t have internet access, we are heartened to know that the great digital divide will be crossed in the future. To quote president Thabo Mbeki: “The internet is an extraordinarily well-endowed library. Thus it is an important tool to realise what is contained in the freedom charter, that the doors of learning and culture shall be open to all.”

The internet is the communications channel of the future. What seemed so distant only a few years ago, has rapidly come to the fore.

The internet is an instant form of communication second to none. We can issue information to the general public and within minutes it is disseminated to the whole country and the rest of the world.

Let me also welcome on board another partner – Nissan – who will become our additional transport companions.

No doubt, our new partners will rejoice with me and the entire Chiefs family after the team qualified for the final of the Mandela Cup. We have confidence in Muhsin and the boys in bringing home the trophy.

Kaizer Motaung

Managing Director, Kaizer Chiefs