The Kaizer Chiefs Oju craze

The launch of the Kaizer Chiefs Oju sticker packs has been met with rave reviews. Supporters have been using the Kaizer Chiefs themed sticker packs in their group chats on WhatsApp to add an Amakhosi flair to their chats.

The Kaizer Chiefs Oju sticker pack is one of the many forthcoming components of what is known to supporters as the Kaizer Chiefs digital universe. It is through this universe that supporters’ experiences with the club is augmented across many digital platforms through various innovative ways.

For supporters not familiar with the craze, Kaizer Chiefs Ojus were birthed from a desire to have a uniquely African experience on chat platforms. While one can produce different shades of skin tones for emojis currently, they do not satisfactorily advocate for ethnicities and cultural traditions.

The Kaizer Oju sticker pack accommodates African ethnicities and quite arguably the biggest tradition of the present day of immersing oneself in football. The sticker pack combines these two important assets and the end result is magnificent to say the least. They truly bring to life the Kaizer Chiefs personalities. A supporter can select to use the Amakhosi Diva or a Khosi with an afro to showcase the many cultures that make up the Chiefs brand.

With a horde of Ojus to choose from, there is always one that will more than adequately communicate what one is intending to express – whether that is jubilation in celebrating a goal or agony of a missed chance – there is an Oju that will express that certain feeling.

The good news is that the Ojus are free to download from the Google Play Store. The better news is that there is a dedicated team working on adding more Ojus and getting better functionality that extends beyond WhatsApp.

Add the Kaizer Chiefs Oju sticker pack to your WhatsApp and use the Ojus in your chats. At the present moment, the sticker pack can only be downloaded on Android devices though it does not stop iOS devices from receiving them. A dedicated iOS version is in the beta phase of development so hang in there, iOS user.

Join in the fun!