Kaizer Motaung lashes out at Safa, PSL

Kaizer Motaung, one of South Africa’s most powerful soccer administrators, has lashed out at the South African Football Association (Safa) for a ‘lack of direction’ and has called for a review of the role of the board of governors (BoG) in the Premier Soccer League (PSL).

The BoG effectively runs professional soccer.

Motaung said there was lack of direction and no proper planning in Safa . Too much power was concentrated in the hands of a few individuals.

In a wide-ranging interview, the Chiefs boss spoke for the first time about the recently held Safa elections, which ushered back almost the entire old executive. He said while the elections were conducted democratically, “democracy has its own intricacies and manipulation is rife”.

“Obviously, I was not on the president’s list,” he said in reference to a document leaked to City Press a few days before the elections, listing Safa president Molefi Oliphant’s shadow cabinet.

Motaung said he was happy to be excluded from the PSL’s representatives in Safa, despite calls by Jomo Sono to be part of the trio, consisting of Sono, Nastacia Tsichlas and newcomer Mato Madlala.

But Motaung said he had no regrets about having being excluded.

“I was getting frustrated sitting in there to rubber-stamp decisions whose deliberations I had not been part of. I was going to resign from my Safa position anyway because I could better use my time for club matters.”

He said his previous inclusion in Safa smacked of tokenism. “I am nobody’s token and will never be one,” said Motaung.

He alleges the supposedly representative executive committee by and large rubber-stamps decisions imposed on them by the emergency committee. Safa, he said, consisted of too many lackeys and had little room for independent thinkers.

“To survive there you must just be part of the flow. I am not a token and could not live with that.”

He also complained that the “emergency committee” had sweeping powers,

making other sub-committees ineffective.

The emergency committee comprises Oliphant, vice-president Irvin Khoza and

chief executive officer Danny Jordaan.

His unhappiness also extends to the BoG. Motaung has stopped attending BoG

meetings, calling them “a total waste of time”. He called for the BoG to be

removed from the day-to-day activities of the league to help address the

turmoil in professional football .

Motaung said the current crisis in the PSL was the creation of the BoG. “We

have a CEO who is not empowered and he is overlooked by a BoG that is

accountable to no one but itself. We are in effect running the league, so

what’s the job of the CEO?” mused Motaung.

He said he was happy amendments to the PSL constitution have already been

made to pave the way for the reintroduction of a management committee to run

the league.

He said if the management committee had been instituted by now, “we would

have had our AGM (annual general meeting) in time and avoided the

embarrassment we found ourselves in recently”.

Advocate Dave Beasley found the PSL to be unconstitutional after failing to

hold an AGM over the past three years.

Motaung said preparations for the forthcoming African Cup of Nations lacked

direction. “Even an outsider can see the confusion going on there. There is

no direction, consistency and proper planning. Planning does not start

shortly before an event,” he said .

Motaung also attacked the head of the referees’ department, Professor Lesole

Gadinabokao. “Referees are not up to scratch and it was good of Safa to come

out openly that a referee had made a crucial error in a match.

Professor Gadinabokao is sitting on an explosive report about the chaos in

the referees’ department and we would like him to release it. The president

must see to it that the report, which has been under wraps for more than a

year, becomes public knowledge.”

It was painful and demoralising to work hard, only to be denied your dues because of incompetent and corrupt match officials.

“For two seasons Chiefs have been denied the championship because of

referees and this is something Safa is well aware of,” Motaung said.