Love & Peace for Amakhosi legend Lehoko

The Kaizer Chiefs mottos of “Amakhosi 4 Life” and “Love & Peace” rang powerfully true on Thursday as the Club and its legends rallied together to support one of our own, Simon ‘Bull’ Lehoko, in his hour of need.

Amakhosi legends Lucky Stylianou, Jackie Masike, Joseph ‘Banks’ Setlhodi and Johannes ‘Big Boy’ Kholoane, along with Chiefs Supporter Relations Manager Cecil Motaung and the Club’s Communications Manager, Vina Maphosa, visited Lehoko at his home in Sharpeville and presented him with a brand new wheelchair and Chiefs merchandise.

The former Amakhosi defender had his leg amputated in December 2016 after an unfortunate incident in which a brick fell on his foot, and he has been confined to a wheelchair.

The Club had previously provided Lehoko a wheelchair following the incident, which has recently required maintenance. After hearing of this, Chiefs’ legends sprang into action and replaced his wheelchair and along with representatives from the Club presented it to their former teammate today.

“You cannot imagine how many people love you,” Stylianou said as he addressed Lehoko. “You are special, and you are very important to us, we never forget that. This is a friendship you can’t put value to, to put a value on it is unfair. This goes beyond valuation. We decided to go ahead to see what we can do for you.”

Stylianou said the legends had contemplated getting Lehoko an electric wheelchair, but in the end decided their former teammate still had a “big, beautiful body” which he needed to use.

So, rather than getting him a “Ferrari” wheelchair, they got him a robust “4×4” to allow him comfort, but also to enable him to get the exercise he needs as he approaches his 70th birthday this year.

Setlhodi paid tribute to Stylianou for being the “engine” behind not only getting the new wheelchair for Lehoko, but also for being a driving force in ensuring the Amakhosi legends retain the lasting bonds of friendship they continue to share over many years.

“We are here today at Bull’s place because of Lucky. We say thanks Lucky, keep it up, not only for Bull, but for all of us. This road is very long to travel and ‘Bull, my brother, this wheelchair you must treasure. It comes from somebody with love and know that we all love you’,” said Setlhodi.

Kholoane recalled how Bull “used to kick me when he was at Vaal (Professionals).”

“So, I feel safe when I am here (at Bull’s place). Whenever we come here, I will be here,” Kholoane added, as he reminisced about the tough-tackling Lehoko’s playing career.

“I want to thank Lucky for what he did for Bull,” Masike added in paying tribute to Stylianou, wishing Lehoko “many, many more years to come”.

Motaung said the visit epitomized the very spirit of Amakhosi’s slogan of “Love & Peace”.

“Bra Bull, you are loved. Always be positive, all who love you will be there for you,” Motaung said as he addressed Lehoko.

In responding to the gesture from Kaizer Chiefs and his former teammates, an emotional Lehoko described the visit as “very heartwarming”.

“Among the best relationships I ever had with people was at Kaizer Chiefs and it is so good to see guys I spent so many years with. Lucky is a very generous person, whenever we had a problem we could talk to Lucky, and he would help us. For all the years I spent at Chiefs we as teammates never had any quarrels, we never spoke badly about each other. We were always smiling with each other. Love and peace really overwhelmed us,” said Lehoko.

“Everybody loved each other, I never had any enemies at the Club, all I can say is from the bottom of my heart thank you for remembering me,” the ‘Bull’ added in conclusion.