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Stay in touch with Amakhosi in Cairo

Posted in News on Sep 18, 2001.

Our in-house reporter Vivian Casaletti is traveling with the team to Egypt (with a camera and laptop) and she will keep us posted on their daily experiences in the land of the Pharaohs.

And, of course you will be the first to hear or read it on this site.

Vivi will also try to get one of the players to the message board, but we still have to check with the coach, to answer your questions.

Thanks to Putco for a lively live chat today (Tuesday). For those who are behind a firewall and struggling to get on the live chat, please talk to your system administrators.

The discussion on live chat will continue on a day and time yet to be confirmed. Meantime, keep exchanging those views on our message board or you can form discussion groups and agree on a specific time to hop on to the live chat for a speedy and more interactive chat.

The Glamour boys are leaving for Egypt on Tuesday at 20:00. They will be at the Johannesburg International from 16:00 and the coach and the boys have requested that if you are around that area, drop by to wish them well in the land of the Pharaohs.

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