Change in attitude on Youth Month – Ntiya-Ntiya

“This month is important because the youth of 1976 fought for us to be able us to be where we are today,” says the 23-year-old Siphosakhe Ntiya-Ntiya.  “We must use this month to reflect and change attitudes and start to doing the right things as young people.”

Ntiya-Ntiya is growing in stature and has become a pivotal feature in Amakhosi’s line-up since his promotion from the club’s development structures. As a young person himself, he believes the youth of today are not doing things the right way.  “There are lots of ills in the society, abuse of alcohol, all sorts of crimes including youth murdering one another. I think us as the youth of today, must start thinking about the future and know our responsibilities by doing the right things for the sake of the future generations,” he bemoans. 

A shy but tough as teak fullback shares his intentions to achieve his dreams. “One day I wish to play overseas and have an honour and opportunity to play in the national team and represent my country at the highest level, ” he adds.

Playing for Kaizer Chiefs comes with pressure and Ntiya-Ntiya is fully aware as he shares some advice with the youth. “Chiefs is a big club with huge following,” he points out. “The supporters expect us to do well all the time. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to play for Kaizer Chiefs. It is a great honour as well. So, youth must grab and use the opportunities to the best of their abilities.”

“I am currently studying at Boston College,” reveals the Bizana born star. “I am doing Business Management and just came out of the exams as we speak. I think I did well, thankfully I had ample time to prepare, so I think all went well. It is important for the youth to realise that sports is good as a career and it is rewarding and fulfilling. With sports you enhance your profile, but then alongside sports you must also acquire good quality education. Sports and education go hand in hand for a better future.

“As we celebrate this youth month, let us reenergise the spirit of Ubuntu and excellence in our communities. I think we must go back to the basics, starting with respecting our elders and taking their advice.”

Bhasera, as Ntiya-Ntiya is affectionately known, is currently enjoying his off-season with my family. “I am in Durban now and I will be going to Eastern Cape to visit my grandmother before heading back to Johannesburg to start with the pre-season training,” he says.

In conclusion he says: “I just wish to see more youth engaging in sports up to the highest level. also it would reduce lots of ills if youth would support, follow and attend sporting events in their numbers.”