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Chiefs Observes World Aids Day

Posted in Features, News on Dec 01, 2021.

The 1st of December marks World Aids Day. The day was first observed in 1988 and each year, the globe focuses on raising awareness of the HIV infection and Aids virus. The intention is to increase awareness and knowledge about the diseases with the endeavour of ending the stigma associated with HIV and Aids.

“As the world comes together to commemorate this day, it’s important to add our voice to unite and create awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS, says Kaizer Chiefs Doctor Mohammed Moosajee. “It’s also important to continue to show strength and support to those diagnosed with the disease that has affected millions of people around the globe. We also need to commemorate those that have passed on from disease.”

South Africa has the highest HIV infection rate in the world. At the same time, the country runs one of the biggest antiretroviral programmes in an effort to control the infection.

“It is advisable to visit a health care provider and consider starting treatment if infected,” adds Dr Moosajee. “Getting support from family, friends and others living with HIV helps to deal with the mental challenges that come with the infection. We all need follow a healthy lifestyle by stopping smoking, avoiding alcohol, exercising the mind and body, as well as eating a balanced diet.”

“It’s important to get tested and know yours as well as your partner’s status. We need everyone to limit their sexual partners & avoid promiscuity. Use of condoms is imperative for those who are sexually active.”

“Last but now least is that we have to remove the stigma around HIV/AIDS, he concluded”

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