Four Glamour Boys about the World Cup

George Maluleka, Bernard Parker, Daniel Cardoso and Ryan Moon all gave their World Cup predictions before the start of the World Cup. We review their forecasts, while they also mention their ultimate winner of the World Cup and their choice for the Player of the Tournament. 

Moon felt beforehand that Belgium would surprise at the World Cup and they have certainly done so, facing France in the semi-final on Tuesday night. He would prefer to see France and England reach the final, but thinks that it will be Belgium against England instead. “England will win the World Cup,” he points out.

Parker also opted for Belgium to surprise at the World Cup. “They have done so even more than I thought,” the striker comments with a smile on his face. “And if they beat France, they will win the World Cup.” He furthermore predicts that England will go past Croatia in the other semi-final played on Wednesday evening.

“France disappointed in the group stage,” Daniel Cardoso reflects on his choice for France as a surprise package, “but they have come to the party in the knockout stages. They will beat Belgium and face England in the final. France will win the World Cup.”

Maluleka immediately went all out for Belgium, even predicting that they would win the World Cup. “They will play against England in the final,” the midfielder says absolutely convinced, adding, “Belgium will win.” He also forecasts that Eden Hazard will be selected as the Player of the Tournament. “He has excelled.” The Belgian has scored two goals and provided three assists. 

Moon, meanwhile, thought before the World Cup that Raheem Sterling would shine, but that hasn’t really happened. “Sterling hasn’t scored but he has done well in other areas, like making space for his teammates,” the striker comments. Moon is impressed though with the performances of Luka Modric, Kylian Mbappé and John Stones. Mbappé has found the back of the net three times, while adding an assist as well. 

Parker feels that Belgian’s Kevin de Bruyne has been outstanding and will be selected as the Player of the Tournament. 

Cardoso admits that his choice to do well in the tournament, midfielder Paul Pogba doesn’t have the greatest of World Cups so far, although “Antoine Griezmann and Mbappé have really come to the party for France”. Griezmann has netted three times and also has two assists.

They all feel that the World Cup has been entertaining to watch or, as Cardoso sums it up: “Nearly all the games have been exciting. It’s also a World Cup that is mostly dominated by the so-called smaller soccer nations, which is great to see.”