Taking it Eezy with Tinashe “The General” Nengomasha

Vice Captain Tinashe Nengomasha has been a kingpin of Chiefs’ ‘engine room’ since joining the Club early in 2002. He is a devoted and dedicated pro who is always working at improving his game.The Chiefs website, kaizerchiefs.com , convinced him to take it ‘eezy’ following the result against Golden Arrows on Tuesday.

What did you do with your first pay cheque at the Club?

I bought furniture for my mother’s house, including beds that we did not have at home. I also built a wall around their house.

Describe your idea of happiness.

It is to spend time with people that I cherish; my mother, my sisters and brothers back home.

Who is your favourite musician?

Rick Ross AKA The Boss!

What are you reading at the moment?

I am reading a book by Joel Osteen, “It’s your time”. It is a very inspirational book and I always carry it with me every time I go to camps. I share it a lot with my teammates as it helps one on how to praise the Almighty, how to pray and be sincere to God.

What food don’t you eat?

Stuff like KFC! I am lucky to have a wife that really looks after me and she makes sure that I eat food that is good for sportsmen. We have back-to-back games this season, so it is very important that I eat food that is going to give me lots of energy in the position that I play in.

What scares you the most?


How would you describe your ‘off the field’ personality?

I am a down to earth guy who can also be very shy. I like my space and peace.

What is the quality you most admire in women?

I admire women that are trustworthy, honest and faithful.

How did you spend the New Year?

I went home to Zimbabwe to be with my mother, especially after what she had gone through losing a husband and a daughter. I wanted to spend more hours with her because I am always down here in Johannesburg with my wife and two kids, working. I do not get to see them more often in Zim. It was really nice and I came back with my batteries recharged for 2010.