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The calm before the storm!

Posted in News on Oct 15, 2001.

By Kaizer Chiefs online correspondent, Vivian Casaletti

The much awaited day has finally arrived and I am already nervous. Anyway everything is under control, its 8h30 here and the boys are about to go for breakfast.

Training yesterday (Friday) went really well, Cyril said that he would play like never before today and the rest of the players are also in top form.

As usual they didn’t allow us to train in peace, because since we have been here, we have trained in front of about 30 people(Club Afrcain supporters and officials) and sometimes it gets a bit off-hand, but its all good, there is not much they can do or change at this point.

Supporters are very passionate here, as I’ve already mentioned and they sometimes exaggerate in term of singing and gestures, you know what I mean.

The stadium is very nice and the pitch reminded everyone of the one in Bafokeng, which for us is a bonus. The stadium is similar to Odi stadium, it seats 35 000 people even though they said that they usually allow only 30 000 supporters in for security reasons.

I must say that the venue looks very safe, it was built in a very clever way and one thing I noticed is that they have surveillance cameras all around the stadium, about 5 meters a part one from each other. That makes a lot of sense from a security point of view and it is something we can learn from.

Today our officials are going to the pre-match meeting wit the match commissioner and referees, I wonder what jersey are we going to wear? Anyway, please supporter us today and watch us live on SuperSport 3 @ 18h00. We need all the support we can get Makhosi.

Team talk is @ 11h30, lunch is @ 12h00 and we are leaving for the stadium @ 15h00.

The players are just relaxing and focusing on the game this morning. They know how important this game is for all of our Amakhosi supporters and for the whole country, so I am sure that they will give their 110% on the field today.

That’s all for now, just to remind you that a player and I are meeting with Putco in the live chat room today @ 13h00, so don’t miss out the opportunity to chat with us.

Sharp, am out now, till later.........................

Keep on spreadin’ that Love & Peace!

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