Family Zone Terms & Conditions
Family Zone Terms & Conditions

Posted in Family Zone on Mar 24, 2023.

Terms and Conditions applicable to the Kaizer Chiefs Family Zone brought to you by John Deere Financial 

The following Ts and Cs apply to the Kaizer Chiefs Family Zone brought to you by John Deere Financial at FNB Stadium.

Right of access

  • Kaizer Chiefs and Stadium Management reserves the right of admission to the Family Zone;
  • The Family Zone is restricted to valid Family Zone tickets holders only;
  • Only children under the age of thirteen (13) years will be permitted into the Family Zone;
  • Adults without children will not be allowed to enter the Family Zone even if adult has a Family Zone ticket; 
  • No adults will be given access to the Family Zone if they present a Family Zone child ticket;
  • Only an adult or adults with at least one child, all of whom have Family Zone tickets will be permitted to access the Family Zone;
  • Holders of tickets other than Family Zone tickets will not be permitted to access the Family Zone;
  • Tickets must be produced at the Family Zone entrance and registration point. Tickets must be retained by all ticket holders and must be presented on request of any official, steward, security officer or personnel from Kaizer Chiefs and/or Stadium Management.

Responsibility for and supervision of the child/ren you bring into the Family Zone

  • The parent/s / guardian/s / accompanying adult of every child entering the Family Zone shall always be and remain responsible for the child / children that enter the Family Zone with them, including being responsible for their supervision and safety at all times.


Entry of the Family Zone and use of and participation in Family Zone activities entirely at own risk 

  • Entry to, use of and participation in the Family Zone activities is entirely at your own risk.

  • Every person entering the Family Zone acknowledges and agrees that in so doing and participating in any Family Zone activities does so entirely at such person’s own risk.


  • Kaizer Chiefs and Stadium Management shall have no liability whatsoever for any injuries to persons or damage to or loss of property occurring due to such entry or participation in activities. Each person entering the Family Zone shall, to the fullest extent permitted by law and without limitation, indemnifies, defends and holds harmless Kaizer Chiefs and/or Stadium Management and its employees, directors, members, employees, agents, contractors, successors or assigns from and against any and all liability for damages, injuries, costs, losses and/or expenses resulting from, arising out of, or in any way connected with such person’s entry into and/or participation in activities or in relation to anyone else entering the Family Zone at such person’s direction or invitation, or in any way connected with the acts or omissions of Kaizer Chiefs and/or Stadium Management, as the case may be.


  • All Family Zone ticketholders (adults and children) are required to register at the designated Family Zone registration point prior to entry in the Family Zone.
  • Adults are required to provide personal identification (such as an ID card/book or a driver’s license);
  • An armband will be placed on every child entering the facility on which the child’s parent’s / guardian’s / accompanying adult’s mobile number shall be written. Parent/s / guardian/s /accompanying adult/s’ hereby consent to this being done on registration.
  • By registering at the facility each adult person, so doing, consents to their personal information and that of their child / children and the personal information of a child / children entering the Family Zone at such person’s direction or invitation, being recorded for safety, security, record and marketing purposes. Such personal information will only be used for the purposes as indicated.

Ticket holder benefits

  • A dedicated fenced and secure family stand area and seating on Level 2;
  • Each Family Zone ticket package includes:
  • one (1) x parking ticket in a secure parking area;
  • one (1) x soft drink or water voucher per ticket holder to be redeemed at the designated concession area;
  • access through an exclusive and dedicated access gate at Gate A Turnstile 1;
  • dedicated bathrooms;
  • dedicated concession area;
  • dedicated ticket validators, a medic and security personnel on site;
  • entertainment may include jumping castles, face painters, balloon sculptors, turf, tables and chairs, toys and gaming consuls;
  • childminder presence to oversee activities.


  • The following items are strictly prohibited in the Family Zone:
  • Smoking;
  • Alcohol;
  • Drugs;
  • Weapons of any kind (regardless of any carry permit).

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